SARAL® Dental Soft is being developed by SARAL® Computers Pvt. specially for DENTIST, to maintain their Patients Registration Details, Treatment Planning, Diagnosis, Work Done, Estimates, Receipts, Outstanding, SMS for Appointments, Recalls, Prescription, Patient Education, LAB Work Management, Accounts up to Balance Sheet, Imaging module manages images of IOC, RVG & OPG images, and many more along with hundreds of customized practice analysis reports.
Patient's personal detail (One Time)
→ Name, Age, Mobile Mandatory.
→ Address, Phone etc.
→ Company Panel Information.
→ Referral Information.
→ Medical History.
→ Drug Sensitivity.
→ Photograph.
→ Appointments.
→ Consultation Fee Receipt Printing.
→ Physical Examination Details.
→ Patients History with Consent Letter.
→ Label Printing.
→ Patients Categorization Through Color Coding Scheme.
→ Family Coding.
→ Registration Card Printing.
→ Searching of Patients Record from any known information.

Patients Visit Wise Chief Complaints / Remarks
Endodontic & Orthodontic Details
Tooth No. Wise Details of Treatment Plan for
→ Diagnosis, Work Required, Estimate Tooth No. Wise Detailed Status.
→ Graphical Presentation of all teeth.
→ Diagnosis, Work Required, Work Done.
→ Outstanding Balance.
Imaging (Compatible with all Imaging Devices)
Voice Recording
Appointments & Recalls with Reason
Details of work view
Diagnosis & Work Details, Medicine with Dosage
Special Instruction (in any Language)

→ Medical History, Drug Sensitivity, Medicines.
→ Panel Wise Diagnosis with Work Required & Estimates, Panel Wise.
→ Discounts on Estimate.
→ Prescription Settings, Appointment & Clinic Time Settings (Doctor wise).
→ Outstanding Balance.

→ From Day Book to Balance Sheet all Reports.

→ Orders to Lab, Receiving from Lab.
→ Patient Wise Pending Work at Different Labs.
→ Lab Wise Pending / Total Work done Details.

Gum Disease, Oral Health Care, Plaque Control, R.C.T., Scaling, Extraction, Tooth Decay, Sealeant, Veener, Bonding, Bridge, Crown, Denture, Partial Denture, Space Maintainer, Endodontic, Home Care, Implants, and Link your own Patient Education yourself with the Software.
→ Totally Keyboard free operations.
→ Very intuitive graphical user interface.
→ Very fast and can keep records of any time period.
→ Unique colorful coding for teeth in the Treatment Plan & Diagnosis module.
→ Voice Recording.
→ Imaging Management System.
→ Phone Dialing to patients from within the system.
→ SMS & emailing to patients from within the system.
→ Personal Alerts.
→ Appointment Transfer to Outlook.
→ And Many More...

→ The Gold version of SARAL® Dental Soft (ONLINE VERSION) is available on yearly subscription @Rs 500/-Per Month. i.e. @Rs.6000/- Per Year. → On renewal you will get the updated version of the SARAL® Dental Soft every year.

Terms & Conditions :
1. The Bronze, Silver & Gold versions on purchase will work for you life time. However if you would like to get update of SARAL® Dental Soft 20% cost of the software of that time will be charged.
2. All Payments is to be made in advance to SARAL® Computers Pvt. Ltd.
3. Software Training and Support will be given online & telephonically.
4. Visit Charges will be extra as applicable.
5. Customization of SARAL® Dental Soft is possible at an extra cost as applicable.
6. Warranty of the software is of one year.

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